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Magic Mushrooms For Sale A very popular strain amongst both experienced and newer users, the B+magic mushrooms is considered a give one of the warmest visual and spiritual trips. Especially for a first homegrown trip.

One of the largest species of the cubensis family, B+ has thicker stems and larger caps than our similar offering the Golden Teacher.

A solid choice for newcomers and long-time shroom users alike, good for everything from small doses for focus and energy. And generates some of the most positive feedback.

Experienced shroomers have titled this gift of nature as a versatile cubensis: great for all situations and occasions. Although they do caution to go slowly until you have an idea of how they affect your mind and bodily experience.

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Different Magic Mushroom Strains

As previously mentioned, there are almost 200 different species of psilocybin mushroom. The most common strain by far is Psilocybin Cubensis, and the majority of shroom strains available are a subset of this popular mushroom.

Belows is a list of some of the most common magic mushroom strains in Canada.  -Golden Teacher -Penis Envy -African Transkei -Albino Penis Envy -Amazonian Cubensis -Avalanche –B+ -Beanie Meanie -Blue Meanie -Brazillian Cubensis -Costa Rican Cubensis -Daddy Long Legs -Goldi Locks -Mexican Cubensis -Treasure Coast -Wollongong


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5 reviews for Buy Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms

(5 customer reviews )
  1. Koggerson

    Thank you! I felt like I blinked and they were at my door! 😂

  2. Bildah

    amazing, hope they are back in stock soon!

  3. Vincent

    I ordered a zip of these bad boys, took 4 g with my buddy and had the best time of my life, really nice visuals and body high. Definitely would recommend! Thx SB

  4. Mike

    Perfect for beginners. I and a friend both took 1 gram each and it went smoothly. The trees looked amazing and life was good. The trip was just full of laughter and talk about how the world we live in programmed for us not to succeed, and stuff like that. Great product.

    Mike From U.K

  5. David

    Visual’s with eyes open and closed, only had about 2.5G in tea. When the fractals kicked in felt like a snake wrapping around me. First time seeing full fractals looked like the PoV DMT videos. Anxiety, pandemic happiness and mental agility much improved. Thanks Shroom bros that was an experience.

    David From Texas

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