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McKennaiis Magic Mushroom

My Microdosing Mushrooms. The McKennaiis magic mushrooms first appeared on the scene in the early 2000s in Holland. Also, McKennaiis magic mushrooms are popular in the Amsterdam drug culture. Users report McKennaiis is powerful and sometimes it is euphoric, and sometimes it is much more introspective and deep.

More experienced trippers love this particular shroom because they feel that the high can be a more controlled experience than some other mushrooms, once you understand how to master it. For starters, start with a lighter dose and work your way up from there.

Is Microdosing the New Productivity Hack In Silicon Valley?

According to BBC, microdosing magic mushrooms is all rage in Silicon Valley these days. The new emerging trend comes from the tech-heavy and success-obsessed culture to always stay young and relevant.

The Tech world is fixated on coming up with cutting-edge productivity hacks that mechanize its participants’ brains and bodies, using all of the tools that can be obtained.

From chugging meals in the form of Soylent, or taking Adderall to biohacking, it is clear that the “übersmart twentysomethings” of Silicon Valley are ready to stuff themselves up in the name of the “ultimate productivity”.

Steve Jobs, the almighty of technology and entrepreneurship, expressed that one of the most enlightening experiences in his life that also enhanced his creative process was when he was using LSD when he was young.

No wonder then that others in Silicon Valley, where creativity and productivity are valued above everything else, are turning to microdosing.

Taking psilocybin in that setting is less about recreation and more about optimizing your performance, whether it is to harness creativity or solve complex problems. The premise is simple: pop a mushroom pill. Focus more, work harder, work longer. Build the next Airbnb, Slack, Uber.


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